The Introduction

The Introduction - JessicaSee Her? Yup that’s me, Jessica; well it used to be me a year ago. I don’t look anything like that anymore. She almost seems like a completely different person then the one I am now. I made some major changes to my life style and how I think about things, especially what I eat and how I spend my free time. See I have always been a heavy set girl ever since I could remember. Since high school, I can remember struggling with my weight and also struggling with the way I feel about myself. I tried various diets and “get fit quick” plans and I’ll admit I did have success, but before long I always fell off the wagon. At my heaviest I got up to 280lbs, I thought me losing weight was a dream. How does the song go? “meant for someone else but not for me.” It wasn't until I realized the only way I was going to accomplish my goal was to change, not just for a week or for a month, but for a life time. It sounds hard, trust me know, but I surrounded myself with the right people. I met Michael and he introduced me to the Respire Fitness lifestyle and the A.I.R. movement, and I have never felt better about myself, and about how I look. I want you to follow me every week, here at and join me on my weight-loss journey as I take you through the ups and downs I faced. See what I overcame and what I admittedly didn't succeed with. I am still traveling down my weight loss road and I want you to see every speed bump, U-Turn and green light I faced and what I did to get past it and what I would have done differently. We are in this together!

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