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The most rewarding thing for us here at is hearing back from you, the Respire Nation. Take a look at some of the inspiring testimonials below.


Joseph Guthrie

My life was in real trouble back in November 2011 when my doctor told me I was 50 pounds over-weight and probably within 8 to 10 months of having some type of significant health event: A HEART ATTACK! I was diagnosed with an erratic heartbeat and my arteries were clogged with cholesterol and plaque.  My triglycerides were off the charts and my life style was killing me. My doctor told me that if I were a smoker or heavy drinker that I would probably already have had that significant health event. Well, at least I was doing something right but I knew I had to do more if I wanted to be around to see my grand children grow-up. Determined to change, I began a serious restoration and I was very fortunate to have found Michael Sheffield. 

My life was saved that day, as Mike and I went to work to turn this mess I was in around and did we ever have some great results. Mike and I have worked together for two years now and with his help I have lost and kept off those 50 pounds, my diet has completely changed, I’m building muscle again, my cardio health is the equivalent of a 30 year old, and I’m boxing and feel restored! I also feel really good when others notice and my doctor agrees that I have the cardio fitness of a young man again.  By the way I’m 65 and back to living life, instead of waiting to take a ride in the back of an ambulance under full arrest. 

Michael Sheffield deserves a lot of credit too, as I would not have made the changes I needed to make without his training and support. His efforts were tireless, his interest in me was relentless and his compassion and warmth was my miracle in life.   

Let Michael Sheffield work miracles for you, it just might save you from a ride in the back of an ambulance too!