The Founders of Respire Fitness


MIKE SHEFFIELD [@mikefitcoach]Michael Sheffied

Mike Sheffied (MikeFitCoach) is the owner of Respire Fitness LLC., a health and fitness destination based on the three principles of aspire, inspire, and respire. Mike has a degree in exercise science and is certified through ACSM, NASM, and Precision Nutrition. He has expertise in boxing, capoeira, tae kwon do, and many other combat arts training. His mission is to create an fitness environment that is unified, community-focused, and founded on unwavering high standards, backed by the belief, that everyone has the right to obtain quality information and individualized attention for healthy living. Mike also donates his time inspiring youth and actively seeks out opportunities to partner with local businesses, schools, and churches to promote fitness.


ALPHA PARKER [@alpharespire]Alpha Parker

Working behind the scenes, co-owner Alpha Parker is the Brand Engine Manager of Respire Fitness and the A.I.R movement. His role is to drive community interactions and topics and make sure you stay motivated. Have any questions or concerns? Alpha will make sure you get an answer. A lifelong friend of Mike Sheffield, Mike trusts Alpha to help him drive Respire Fitness to the forefront of the fitness industry.